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Magnifier 10x #2628

Eschenbach Stand
Magnifier 10x #2628
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Eschenbach High Power Stand Magnifiers are ideal for any visual task that requires high magnification.

Special Features:

The transparent, plastic base lets in maximum light for clear, bright viewing.

All have an open base base for writing underneath. Magnification/dioptric value/ideal eye-lens distance printed on all lens heads.

Magnification: 10x.

Diopter: 38D.

Lens Size: 35 mm.

Lens Type: Aspheric.

Mount: High Grade White Plastic.

Lens Material: PXM Plastic with Cera-tec Coating.

Miscellaneous: Open Base for Writing Instrument.

Lens-to-Image Distance: 360 mm.

Enlargement Ratio/Transverse Magnification: 12.4x.

Maximum Allowable Add: 2.8D.