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The views through this 6" Dobsonian telescope are sure to thrill  the intrepid beginner stargazer.


Like any Dobsonian the Bintel BT152 provides more light grasp for your money than any other telescope type. We are often asked,  "What telescope is the best for a young beginner?". Of course the answer will be the telescope that is easiest to set and use. That describes this 6" Dobsonian to a T.


With the new deluxe 1.25" Crayford Focuser, this scope really rocks.


Your young observer will enjoy many hours exploring the night sky with this scope with no fear of them growing out of it for  years to come.

The Bintel BT152 with its 152mm diameter primary mirror is an ideal choice for detailed views of star clusters, nebulae and even some bright galaxies. If you can use it under truly dark skies the views will be even more spectacular. Solar system targets such as the Moon, Saturn and Jupiter will take your breath away.


This BINTEL telescope has a precision 6" (152mm) primary mirror with outstanding 1/12th wave surface accuracy. Every optical surface is checked during manufacturing using laser interferometry to meet these exacting tolerances.


On top of this every Bintel Dobsonian is given a full checkup prior to sale. The Optical Tube Assembly is thoroughly checked and collimated (aligned) to ensure your new telescope will perform as you would expect when you take delivery.


Bintel's Dobsonians feature quality components and accessories to make using the telescope as simple and enjoyable as possible. These include:


  • Primary and secondary mirrors The exceptional price we offer on our Dobsonians has led some customers to question the quality of the optics we use. We have sold well over 1000 Bintel telescopes and always receive overwhelmingly positive reports about their performance. In summary - we guarantee you will get great optics that provide great views. If you like technical details - the mirrors are made of B270 “water white” optical glass that is free of internal stress and striae. The thermal stability of B270 glass is better than other glass used for the mirrors of most reflectors in this price range. The mirrors are ground and polished to exacting tolerances and checked by laser interferometry to guarantee diffraction limited performance. The optics are then coated with 91% reflectivity aluminum, and overcoated with a protective layer of silicon dioxide (quartz) for long life.
  • Knurled collimation knobs on the primary mirror cell making precise optical alignment much easier - no more fumbling with tools in the dark.

  • A fully adjustable four-vane spider supporting the secondary mirror.

  • BINTEL 6" Dobsonians are equipped with the NEW  smooth 1.25" Crayford focuser allowing extra smooth focus control without backlash.


Standard Accessories include: Quality 25mm and 9mm Fully Multi Coated Plossl Eyepieces, Moon filter, 6 x 30  Finderscope, Base carry handle, eyepiece rack and Snap-on dust cap.


Not only can we supply an excellent telescope at a fantastic price, we offer the after service support to ensure years of happy observing. You can shop with confidence at Bintel!

Technical Data for the Bintel BT152 6" Dobsonian


Optical Design                                   Newtonian Reflector (Parabolic Mirror)

Aperture                                              152mm

Focal Length                                      1200mm

Focal Ratio                                          f/8

Highest Useful Magnification         220x

Limiting Stellar Magnitude             12.0

Resolving Power                               0.76 arc seconds

Finderscope                                       6 x 30 Achromatic

Focuser                                               NEW 1.25" Crayford design

Eyepiece                                             25mm (48x) and 9mm (133x) Plossl

OTA weight                                        8kg

Base Weight                                     10kg

Standard Accessories include:

- 25mm and 9mm Plossl Eyepieces (1.25")

- Moon filter

- 6x30  Finderscope and Bracket

- Base carry handle.

- Snap-on dust cap.

- Eyepiece rack

- Instruction Manual

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