$1199 – Great little telescope for viewing Saturn and Jupiter

The Celestron StarSense Explorer DX 6″ is an ideal telescope for observing Saturn and Jupiter – plus lots more!

The Celestron StarSense Explorer range has certainly made the Universe vastly more accessible in recent years.  Across all models, they feature a very clever gizmo that runs a custom Celestron app that turns your phone in a celestial navigation device. Much like using your phone to map your journey in a car, the Celestron StarSense Explore system shows you where to move your telescope to in order to find Solar System planets like Saturn, Jupiter or Mars as well as thousands of deep-sky objects including nebulae and star clusters. Heading outside the Milky Way, the StarSense Explorer will also offer the chance to view galaxies millions of light years away. You’ll even be be offered your own personal astro tour for the evening if you not sure what to look.  We’ve sold probably thousands of Celestron StarSense Explorer based telescopes in the last several years and had positive feedback from our customers.

We mentioned this $1199 special on the Celestron StarSense Explorer DX 6 a few weeks ago in the BINTEL newsletter and we’re now down to our last couple of dozen at this price.

For most of 2023, the price of this popular telescope was around $1699, and we expect it to return to that level or maybe a touch more once this special is over.

The SCT (Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope) design has been a mainstay for Celestron for over 50 years and the reasons why they continue to be popular are simple: they offer great optics, and despite their compact size provider a longer, f/10 focal ratio which is ideal for both planetary and deep-sky viewing.

The Celestron StarSense Explorer DX 6 is supported by a wide range of accessories such as eyepieces, barlows, solar filters and more. However, the package includes everything you need to get going including two eyepieces and a full height, adjustable tripod with slow motion controls. The telescope tube itself (often called the optical tube assembly or “OTA”) uses a standard mounting which means that it can be used on a full “GOTO” mount if you ever wanted to get into astrophotography.

With Saturn and Jupiter at their best in the coming months, we can’t think of a better value telescope for observing these jewels of the of Solar System in 2024. Plus, the current $1199 price include a free Celestron 40″ Telescope bag normally worth $149.

Overall, this is a excellent value package that we highly recommend.


Earl White


17th June 2024

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