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An Inky Black Continent – An Update on Light Pollution in Australia by Marnie Ogg

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Bintel has developed these tools for the astronomy community to enjoy. The astronomy calculator is a powerful way to simulate equipment combinations and see how they will perform. We also provide and maintain a calendar and map for astronomy events and societies as well as a sky-focussed weather forecast and narrowband colour preview tool for your images.

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September : Despite their smaller apparent sizes, Jupiter and Saturn are high in the early evening so are great planetary targets. Saturn will now be casting shadows across it’s rings to one side which can be very photogenic. The Milky Way is now setting earlier so wide field landscape photos are especially great to the west (eg setting over the ocean from Western Australia). Speaking of WA, another occultation of Saturn occurs on the 8th at 10pm WST visible from north and west Australia. Venus returns to the evening sky and for the extreme planetphiles Neptune is at opposition on the 10th. The summer Orion region and all it’s treasures is now visible before sunrise for early risers.

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Third Quarter Moon
Third Quarter Moon

The moon is currently in Cancer
The moon is 22 days old

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