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Space Weather – December

December 2021 The 1st of December traditionally marks the start of Summer in Australia, but for a large part of the country it’s anything but that! A weather pattern called a La Niña has been declared for the region. This will see lower temperatures and significantly increased rainfall across much of Australia. Apart from cloudier conditions impacting the number of nights available for observing, the damper and cooler nights will mean more dew. Make sure you talk to BINTEL about ways to control dew on your optics to get the most of your observing time.

New Moon is the 4th of December and Full Moon 19th November. 

The gas giants Jupiter and Saturn set in the evening sky earlier and earlier throughout December but are still visible and worth looking at even through a small telescope. 

All eyes will be on Comet Leonard (C/2021 A1) which could hopefully become brighter throughout December and into January in the Southern skies. Comets are unpredictable critters and there’s a chance it breaks up altogether. Assuming it holds together, it could possibly reach naked eye visibility and show a tail in binoculars. We’ll be posting updates on Comet Leonard to the BINTEL social media accounts.

Customer Photo


Name : Mariusz Goralski
Photoname: Natural Narrowband Trifid
Details: The Trifid nebula, aka M20 or NGC 6514 is a popular and bright nebula about 4300 light years away in the constellation Sagittarius. This image was an experiment with the aim to use 7nm narrowband filters to create a natural colour looking image. The difference between conventional narrowband imaging (using SII, Ha and OIII filters as RGB), I captured a few hours of subs through a Hydrogen beta CCD filter instead of SII, and combined the narrowband channels in the order Ha, OIII & Hb as RGB. Imaged through a 8″ SCT at f6.3 using a QHY268M camera, for a total exposure time of 9 hours and 5 minutes.

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