BINTEL Dobsonian Telescopes – only a few left

There’s nothing like a big Dobsonian telescope for viewing the delights of the night sky. They offer the best size to cost value of any telescope! Great for seeing Solar System jewels like the rings of Saturn, Jupiter and its satellites, craters and mountains on the Moon as well as vast numbers of deep-sky objects like nebulae, star clusters and even galaxies.

We were lucky enough to secure a large shipment of these popular telescopes in the first week of July.  Thanks to everyone who purchased them – we now only have a limited number of the BINTE Dobsonian 12″ models still available to send to you today (Sorry – all of the 6″, 8″ and 10″ modes are now sold.) Please remember we’re dispatching online and phone orders daily during lockdown in Sydney and contactless less click and collect pick up is available for Sydney locals.

If you are interest in one of the BINTEL Dobsonian telescope models that has sold out, we’re are expecting more in a few months. Get in contact with us to reserve one

All BINTEL Dobsonian are fully featured  – check out each model below:




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