Are you trying to decide on a gift for someone you know who is interested in astronomy or hobbyist optics but are unsure what to get and don’t want to make the wrong choice? We’ve got the perfect solution for you with the Bintel gift card. Available in values of $25 up to $1000, the recipient will receive a voucher equal in value to the amount you choose which can be applied to any purchase they make with us – freedom! We’ve created the following short guide for you to follow in order to understand how the gift card works and how to purchase one.


Navigate to the Bintel gift card product page (click on the gift card above for a shortcut) after reading the following steps.

Step 1 – Select a value for the gift card from the drop down list.

Step 2 – Customise the design of the gift card by uploading a custom image or use the default design.

Step 3 – Enter the card details including the recipients email address and name (they will receive the voucher code by email), your name, and a personalised message to go with it.

Step 4 – Choose whether you would like to delay the email delivery of the gift card or have it sent immediately. If you choose to have it delayed you will be prompted to select a date that the email will be sent.

Step 5 – Add to cart and checkout.

The recipient will receive the voucher code by email and you’ll receive an email notification when it is used – simple! If you have any issues get in contact with the Bintel team for assistance.

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