ASTRONOMY Christmas Gifts Under $200!

Great gift ideas for discovering both inner and outer space

Confused about what to get your family and friends for Christmas? Here’s some cool products the team at BINTEL have put together as suggestions.

$100 or less

Kenko Pocket Microscope 60X-120X – $49

A handy way discover the small and fascinating world around us. Great for all ages. Runs off a single AAA battery. Pocket sized and comes with a wrist strap too

Astronomy 2022 – $32

The latest edition is THE guide to what’s going on above our heads in the next 12 months.  A full set of sky charts for the entire year and complete listing of major astronomical events. Great reading for beginners and expert alike since 1991.

28 Piece Celestron Microscope Kit – $89

Conduct dozens of your own experiments with the 28 Piece Celestron Microscope Kit. Includes a metal bodied microscope with 3 objective lenses (100x, 600x, and 1200x). Examine the 5 prepared slides or create your own using the 7 blank slides and cover slips. Also includes fun accessories like a 2x magnifying glass, plastic scalpel, and more.

Audubon Bird Call  – $18

A truly unique gift idea! Invented by Roger Eddy in 1947 and still made by the Eddy family in Rhode Island USA. When twisted, this remarkable little birchwood and metal instrument makes a variety of sounds similar to wild birds. The Audobon Bird Call is hand made and each one is unique. In Australia, this works particularly well on honeyeaters, thornbills, fairy-wrens, emu-wrens, grasswrens, scrubwrens, gerygones, whistlers, and occasionally even Tyto owls will come in to check it out at night if you’re quiet!

Celestron FirstScope – $129 including delivery

The perfect beginner’s telescope and an ideal introduction to astronomy. Sits on the ground or table and highly portable. It’s a real telescope too – not a “toy” and comes with a full Celestron warranty. You’ll get unforgettable views of the Moon, planets and many deep-sky objects too.

Saxon 707 – $199

Another great beginner’s telescope, this is  complete 70mm telescope bundle. Has everything you need to start observing. Tripod, mount, eyepieces and finder all included. Don’t forget you can say $50 on BINTEL telescope bags when purchased with the Saxon 707 as well.

Nikon Aculon A211 7×50 Binoculars -$179

Going to the cricket this summer or heading away into the country?  A classic pair of binoculars for scenery or sports viewing.  Lightweight, includes a case and neck strap.

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