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    A new star might be visible tonight – keep an eye out for SPOLARIS-1

    1st April 2024 – Australian amateur space scientists plan a launch later today to solve long-term observing problem for astronomers in the Southern Hemisphere.  We’ve heard from a number of unreliable sources that today is the launch of a new class of spacecraft – those to help amateur astronomers instead of posing problems like Elon…

    What’s Metal to an astronomer? (Hint – it’s not AC/DC!)

    March 27th – 2024: A common question we get asked here at BINTEL is what’s the furthest thing  I can see with my telescope along with a slightly less often asked – “what’s the oldest thing I can see and how do we know how old it is?” Currently, possibly the oldest known star in…

    Celestron Advanced VX mount special – $1199

    One of the most popular and highly regarded affordable telescope mounts, the Celestron Advanced VX, is on special at BINTEL Is this telescope mount for me? We’d class this as one of the smaller, but fully featured computerised mounts. It’s large enough to carry a decent sized telescope including a Celestron C8 SCT and works…

    Australian and New Zealand Women in Astronomy

    Australian and New Zealand women have made invaluable contributions to  the field of Astronomy – here’s just some of them. New Zealand raised and educated theoretical astrophysicist, Professor Beatrice Tinsley, published over 100 paper during her career which was sadly cut short by her death from melanoma at just 40 in 1981.  She graduated from…

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