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“Christmas Comet” 46P Wirtanen – 2018 Close Approach Information

Comet Wirtanen swings by the Sun every 5.5 years or so, and because of this orbital period it can vary in brightness and proximity to the Earth each time. This year however we are in for a real treat with Wirtanen’s flyby being the closest and brightest for the next 20 years and right around […]

Lunar Eclipse Saturday Morning from 3am – July 28th AEST

Coinciding with the Mars opposition, Australians will be treated to a Total Lunar Eclipse this Saturday morning, July 28th from around 3am until 5:30am when the moon will be completely in the Earth’s shadow and appear “blood” red. Since Mars is also at opposition at the same time as the moon it will also be […]

Check back monthly for a photographic update!

The above images are courtesy of long-term Bintel customer Andy Casely using his Celestron C14 on a CGX-L EQ Mount with ZWO 290MM Camera. Stunning stuff! Make sure to check back closer to July for more updates.   Celestron C14-AF XLT OTA (CGE) Fastar Celestron CGX-L German Equatorial Mount & Tripod ZWO ASI 290MM ZWO […]