Countdown to Total Lunar Eclipse – Jan 31 2018!

There’s a total Lunar Eclipse coming for us Australians! All times and dates below are AEDT (Sydney Time) and based on a Sydney location, however they should be roughly similar for most of the state. Click here for more info, and be sure to send us your pics!

[tminus t=”31-01-2018 21:51:00″ style=”cloud-city”]

Penumbral Eclipse begins – Jan 31, 9:51pm
(The Earth’s penumbra start touching the Moon’s face.)

[tminus t=”31-01-2018 22:48:00″ style=”cloud-city”]

Partial Eclipse begins – Jan 31, 10:48pm
(Partial moon eclipse starts – moon is getting red.)

[tminus t=”31-01-2018 23:51:00″ style=”cloud-city”]

Total Eclipse begins – Jan 31, 11:51pm
(Total moon eclipse starts – completely red moon.)

[tminus t=”01-02-2018 00:29:00″ style=”cloud-city”]

Maximum Eclipse – Feb 1, 12:29am
(Moon is closest to the center of the shadow.)

[tminus t=”01-02-2018 01:07:00″ style=”cloud-city”]

Total Eclipse ends – Feb 1, 1:07am
(Total moon eclipse ends.)

[tminus t=”01-02-2018 02:11:00″ style=”cloud-city”]

Partial Eclipse ends – Feb 1, 2:11am
(Partial moon eclipse ends.)

[tminus t=”01-02-2018 03:08:00″ style=”cloud-city”]

Penumbral Eclipse ends – Feb 1, 3:08am
(The Earth’s penumbra ends.)

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