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October 2023 is the middle of spring in Australia and New Zealand.

Third quarter Moon is on the 6th of October and New Moon is on the 15th. Full Moon is the 29th of October. This is also the month that NASA and other bodies celebrate International Observe the Moon night.

The familiar winter constellations of Scorpius are setting earlier and earlier as the month rolls on, with the magnificent constellation of Orion rising on the other side of the sky. Orion and the large nebula, M42, which is visible as part of the sword hanging down from Orion’s “belt” will be dominate the overhead skies in Summer.

Saturn is past is best viewing for year but still worth a look through a telescope. Jupiter comes into opposition in early November but is already a prime viewing object in October.

The Orionids meteor shower happens in later October. It will peak around the evening of the 21st of October, and they will appear to come from around the region the bright red star in Orion, Betelgeuse. Under good conditions, you might be able to see around 10-12 meteors per hour. If you can get away from city and suburban lights, it might be way a great way to spend an evening out under the stars.

Customer Photo

Taken by: Clay Reid

Photoname: Scorpius Tail Region

Details: Kindly submitted via the BINTEL website by Clay. Taken from Glenfield, south west of Sydney, NSW.

Telescope: Samyang 135mm lens @ F4 and a ZWO ASI294MC Pro camera on a Sky-Watcher EQ6 Pro mount

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