How to Choose the Best Telescope & Camera Combination

We have a lot of different telescopes and cameras and they aren’t all suited to each other. Depending on what you want to shoot and how certain telescope and camera combinations are better or worse. For planets you need a magnifier like a Barlow, but for big galaxies or nebula you need a wide field and maybe even a reducer. It all gets very confusing!

Rather than do the calculations in your head, or going with your gut (which you really shouldn’t do), we’ve updated the Bintel Astronomy Calculator with visual previews and all the calculations built in so you can simulate literally tens of thousands of combinations to determine their sampling compatibility or resultant eyepiece view. We still encourage you to share your results with our team if you have any questions about a combination or use the tool as a helper when browsing the store.

Try the Bintel Astronomy Calculator Now!

Example result using the Celestron 9.25″ EDGE HD with ZWO1600mm and 0.7x reducer.
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