Kite Optics Giveaway

How to enter 

Any purchases from Bintel between November 1st 2023 – November 30th 2023 that have a value over the Audubon Bird Call ($19.50) will automatically enter you into this give away. the more orders you place the higher the chance you’ll have to win.

Please note this does not include pay your bill online ! 

How do we decide who wins ?

We will place all order numbers into a random generator that will spit the winner out.

What do I win ?

Every order will have the chance to win Kite Optics APC Stabilized 16×42 Binoculars as shown here

These Stabilized binoculars are best in class. below are some amazing stats that will blow your mind.

  • 60-120 hours battery life
  • 2 – 4 degrees correction (6x more than the market standard)
  • intelligent battery management
  • twist up eye cups
  • total weight 770g

These Stabilized binoculars are truely the best in the market!

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