New $299 4k Planet/Guiding/Streaming Camera!

Wake up babe, Bintel just got a new camera! (Stock arrives next week)

Introducing the QHY5III715C, an ultra-high resolution back-illuminated color camera with extremely low read noise, now available for pre-order from Bintel in Sydney, Australia for $299. The camera is equipped with a 1/2.8-inch optical format sensor and 4K resolution with 1.45um pixels. With 4x as many pixels as the QHY5III462C, the QHY5III715C is ideal for smaller short focal length refractors, providing a FOV of less than 1 arcsecond at focal lengths of 12 inches (300mm) or longer.

The latest generation of sensors in the QHY5III (Ver.2) series features a deeper photodiode portion of the pixel well, resulting in increased sensitivity to red and near-infrared light. Additionally, the 512MB DDR3 image buffer reduces pressure on computer transmission, making it ideal for planetary photography, which requires writing a large amount of data in a short period of time.

The new front-end design of the QHY5III (Ver.2) series cameras includes better compatibility with a BFL of only 8mm, allowing for easy compatibility with your OAG. The camera also includes interchangeable top glasses, providing flexibility in usage. The USB3.2 Gen1 Type-C interface of the camera is longer-lasting and more flexible than the USB3.0 Type-B interface used in previous generations.

Equipped with a status indicator at the back, the multi-colored indicator light helps determine abnormal status with different colors signifying different conditions. With a Sony IMX715 CMOS Sensor, 8.4 Mega Pixel effective pixels, and a fullwell of 5.7ke-, the QHY5III715C delivers high-quality imaging with a readout noise of 0.87-2.17e-. The camera supports a wide range of exposure times from 11us-900sec and features an electric rolling shutter, st4 guide port, and a 1.25-inch telescope interface, compatible with CS-port and C-port lenses by replacing the front-end connector.

Overall, the QHY5III715C is an excellent choice for astrophotography enthusiasts, delivering high-resolution and low-noise imaging at an affordable price. Purchase yours now from Bintel in Sydney, Australia for $299.

QHY5III-715C 4K Planetary/Guide Camera

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