New Smart Telescopes and Binoculars at CES 2024

10th Jan 2024: Some amazing new products launch in recent days at the CES event in the USA – and they’ll be arriving at BINTEL in the near future!

Celestron Origin Intelligent Home Observatory

The world’s leading telescope maker, Celestron, has released their first Smart Telescope.

Celestron has produced high-tech and computerised telescopes for many years, starting off with the original Celestron Compustar SCT telescopes in the late 1980’s, through to the NexStar series in the 90’s and the more recent StarSense Explorer and NextStar Evolution telescopes.  (At BINTEL, we been supplying our customers with these Celestron telescopes for decades.)

So it’s no surprise that Celestron has not only introduced their own Smart Telescope, but it also includes some amazing, high end features.

What appeals to us and what features we feel sets the Celestron Origin apart include:

  • 150mm aperture, f/2.2 RASA optical system. This is the largest of any Smart Telescope on the market today.
  • Upgradability of the camera
  • Handy external filter drawer
  • Upcoming options for external guiding and EQ mounting for extended exposures
  • Optimised for sharing images and displaying views on large screen TVs etc.

The full feature list of the Celestron Origin is very comprehensive and complete details can be found via the link below.

The Celestron Origin is due to arrive in the next couple of months at BINTEL and only in very limited numbers, although this situation is likely to improve as the year goes on.  This is definitely a high-end telescope for those who want the best in terms of features and image quality.  We’ll be talking more about the Celestron Origin telescope closer to them being available. It certainly widens the range of Smart Telescopes on offer.

Swarovski AX Visio 10X32 Binocular – the world’s first “Smart Binoculars”

You might have heard about Smart Telescopes over the last couple of years – telescopes with inbuilt guiding, cameras and image processing – but features like sophisticated species recognition via AI, photo and video processing,  along with object view direction are coming to binoculars.

The first major feature of the new Swarovski AX Visio 10X32 Binocular is their ability to recognise a bird or animal that you’re viewing. There over 9,000 different species and this includes comprehensive support for Australian and New Zealand wildlife. I was fortunate enough to try a pair of these new binoculars recently, and from out the front of the BINTEL showroom, they quickly identified a number of different bird across the road in Wentworth Park including the beloved  Australian white ibis AKA a “Bin Chicken”. This feature is going to be super handy for birdwatchers especially as it allows them to catalogue what they’ve spotted and where and when they were seen. (Like all the advanced AX Visio features, this doesn’t have to be used.)

Swarovski posted a great article about using the AX Visio binoculars for birdwatching in the field that you can find here.

You can also direct other members of your viewing group where to see what you’re looking at. If you spot something interesting, they will be shown where to move their binoculars to so they can also see what you wanted to share. Ideal for tour and nature viewing groups.

The new Swarovski Optik app for Apple iOS and Android has extensive abilities to managed and share the image and videos you’ve taken as well as going “Live” with your current views.

We’ll have stocks of these new “Smart Binoculars” from Swarovski at BINTEL in February.

They have great potential for changing the way bird watchers especially share discoveries with a small group and then further onto social media. All of these new features plus SWAROVISION optics for super crisp views.

Next time – new Smart Telescopes from Unistellar and Vaonis too. 


Earl White


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