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If you ask astronomers in Australia where they buy astro gear – BINTEL would be the #1 answer

  • In business for 40 years
  • 10’s of thousands of active customers
  • BINTEL sells all leading astronomy brands with a unique selection of boutique products
  • Opening the Australia market to the latest in astronomy high technology
  • 100k+ Instagram followers & 50k weekly email newsletter subscribers
  • Growing, 10+ person team. Experienced astro sales experts. Dedicated service and support staff
  • + More

Discover your best option for sales success in Australia

There’s a growing number of specialist companies starting to sell astronomy and optical equipment in Australia. This is a good thing for the astronomy and outdoor optics community locally. We welcome these newcomers and wish them every success. However, we suggest any business wanting to expand sales into Australia does a bit of research to discover their best options.

The Binocular and Telescope Shop (BINTEL) was established in 1984 and for the last several decades has been Australia’s largest specialist supplier of astronomical equipment, sports optics, and accessories.

Our customers include every major Australian University, primary and secondary schools across the country, professional observatories and of course, amateur astronomers of all levels.  BINTEL is especially proud of the support and assistance we provide to beginner astronomers just starting out on their astro journey.

BINTEL’s greater reach mean more sales for you 

Over the years we’ve gathered 10’s of thousands of active customers who are keen to learn about new products.

BINTEL has a major retail showroom in the Sydney CBD as well as the country’s busiest astronomy and optical online store.  We have a fully equipped workshop and a fulltime technical support department.

We also stock a vast range of accessories. BINTEL is known in Australia as the place for hard-to-find gear or obscure parts.

BINTEL for Product Launches & Ongoing Marketing

Our sales and marketing team constantly reach out to our customer base via weekly electronic newsletters that go to some 50,000 recipients and social media including our Instagram account with over 100k followers. BINTEL can quickly introduce products to more astronomy customers than anyone else in Australia.

Some of our major partners

This is a partial list of the leading brands sold by BINTEL. Our working relationship with several of these suppliers with shared values goes back decades.

  • Celestron
  • ZWO
  • Meade
  • Sky-Watcher
  • Nikon
  • iOptron
  • Swarovski
  • Losmandy
  • Tele Vue
  • Orion
  • Benro
  • Planewave
  • Vaonis
  • Leica
  • TEC
  • Olympus
  • … and many more.

BINTEL has been instrumental in introducing brands to Australian astronomers that have since gone on to great success, including ZWO, Vaonis, Benro and others.

It would be a fair comparison to say BINTEL occupies a place in the Australian telescope and optics market similar to what High Point Scientific does in the USA and First Light Optics in the UK.

The BINTEL Retail Store

Our modern retail premises in the Sydney CBD features a wide range of telescopes, cameras, binoculars and accessories on display. We have in-store merchandising displays from brands including Swarovski and Leica. Technical support and hardware service are carried out in-house at our Sydney facility. BINTEL also has external volume warehousing.

The BINTEL Website

We are e-commerce leaders in Australian astronomy, establishing the BINTEL website in 1995. It’s now the busiest in Australia, with a range of calculators and custom tools developed for astronomers. Products are linked to our in-house ERP system showing real-time stock availability and pricing levels.

The current BINTEL webmaster is Dylan O’Donnell, a popular YouTube astrophotographer and Celestron brand ambassador.

You can visit the BINTEL website at


Currently BINTEL has ten staff members and several external consultants. We are a happy mix of experienced business managers, sales and technical expertise while always welcoming new talent and ideas into our company culture.

The BINTEL Team at our 2022 Christmas dinner

If you’d like to read more about key members of the BINTEL team, click here.

On the BINTEL team are Meade and Celestron factory trained technicians, ex-Apple retail store managers, some with formal post-graduate level qualifications in Astronomy.  Outside of work hours, BINTEL staff are heavily in some of Australia’s largest, most respected astronomical and space societies.

The future

Positioned for growth in 2023 and beyond.

BINTEL’s Sydney CBD retail showroom is right in the heart of a major shopping and leisure renewal project, the New Sydney Fish Markets.

Currently under construction and due to open in 2024, we’re fortunate to be situated next to this development, extensive recreation facilities, public transport and new road links.

Once opened next year, an estimated additional six million locals and international tourists will visit the already busy precinct where BINTEL is situated. You can read more about the project at the Australian NSW government website here.

Get in touch with BINTEL

Call BINTEL on +61-2-9518-7255 or email us via

BINTEL has several different customer support and outreach channels.

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