Birdwatching Binoculars

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BINTEL has been proudly supporting birdwatchers in Australia for 40 years.

The entire range of binoculars at BINTEL has been hand-picked by our staff, and only consists of binoculars which we are confident will perform the very best for our customers, and includes choices from top brands like Swarovski, Nikon, Celestron, ZEISS, Leica, Olympus and Pentax.

Whether you’re going birdwatching in the sub-zero temperatures of Antarctica or just around your local park, a high-quality pair of rugged, waterproof binoculars will always be your most trusted companion.

BINTEL is the only place try to a wide selection of premium brands in-store and receive unbiased and expert opinion to help guide you in selecting your bird watching binoculars.

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