Celestron Binoculars

We all know Celestron are probably best known in astronomy circles for their telescopes. They fist began producing in 1960 but since then they have become one of the world’s leading makers of telescopes and giant binoculars. These are used mostly for activities like stargazing, viewing planets as well as the moon etc. Now you can enjoy binoculars from a dominant brand-name recognition among serious astronomers. They are known for superior optics, outstanding design & innovative technology. All of this at a very competitive price.

Celestron are well known for producing value for money instruments that can get the beginner and/or young astronomer started for under $150. Even products like their TrailSeeker binoculars or entry level Celestron telescopes produce bright and clear images.

In the past Celestron mainly focused on entry level binoculars however, recently they have started producing much higher quality binoculars. Quality at an affordable price. Celestron have been able to bring their knowledge of telescope optics to the field of binoculars. They have combined superior optics, modern design and technology to produce affordable binoculars and spotting scopes. These binoculars are not only for astronomy but also for most terrestrial uses as well.

One of Celestron’s higher-specification ranges, the Granite binoculars are impressive thanks to the use of high end ED glass and quality coatings on their prisms and lenses. These produce an excellent quality image, that has been wrapped up in a modern open hinge design magnesium body. They not only looks good, but are lightweight and very comfortable to hold.

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