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Here at Bintel, we know that anyone who lives or works on the ocean needs a set of binoculars which will stand up to the trials of the sea, and perform at only the highest levels. Steiner is the unrivaled leader in marine binoculars, producing German-made, military-grade optics favoured by everyone from the Australian Navy and Coastguard to yatch owners and fishermen. It’s not just wet. It’s a whole different world. Fogbound mornings, afternoons of glaring sun and salt spray, nights like floating on ink. Always in motion, temperatures all over the board, distances that challenge land-bound perceptions. Steiner marine optics were built for this: waterproof, corrosion-proof, always crystal-clear, with special coatings, construction and capabilities specifically created for a water-borne life. Most of the world is water. All of it is home to Steiner. Backordered Steiner products are typically shipped within one week of order placement – please contact our store for more details.