Eyepieces and Barlows

Eyepieces and Barlows (optional) are an important part of your telescope. Most people forget that an eyepiece is half of your telescope. There’s no point buying a Ferrari and then not putting the wheels on! Choosing an eyepiece can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not familiar with how telescope optics work. BINTEL sells a range of high-quality eyepieces.  Universal sizes fit in almost any telescope

The eyepieces included with most telescopes do a fine job of starting you on your astro journey.  Upgraded eyepieces offer sharper, clearer views. They also offer provide wide fields of view. This is how “wide” objects appear in an eyepiece.

It’s always worth having a variety of focal lengths to provide you with a range of magnification options for you night sky observing, but working out what to get can be a frustrating exercise, and involves mathematics! Please call our full-time staff in Sydney any time for a discussion if you’re having trouble, or simply have a read of our helpful hints on how to choose an eyepiece!

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