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Tele Vue Optics has been thrilling customers since 1979. The company founder, Al Nagler, put his lifelong love of amateur astronomy to work as a professional optical designer in 1958. He says that it was his involvement in designing NASA lunar landing simulators that most directly influenced the Tele Vue products of today – Al wanted his own observing equipment to deliver that seemingly limitless starry vista usually reserved for astronauts, floating thousands of kilometres above the Earth’s surface. Starting by improving the standard Plossl design, Al’s top-grade optical work has continued, with every new design bringing his dream closer to reality. First, the Nagler series was released, with 10 times the field sharpness of any previous eyepiece. Tiny tweaks and years of hard work finally paid off in the Ethos range, 100 degree field of view eyepieces with stunning clarity. Since then, Tele Vue has continued to push to realm of what is possible, producing more compact, lightweight, and economical versions of the revolutionary Ethos (namely the Panoptic, Delos and DeLite series), to the point that now their range of eyepieces is huge, and there is something for every die-hard amateur astronomer. The eyepiece is, after all, half of your telescope! Bintel is Tele Vue’s Official Australian Dealer.

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