Over the years QHYCCD has built a powerful reputation for high-quality CCD and CMOS cameras at amazing prices. QHY Cameras are world class! Bintel carries a wide selection of mono and one-shot-color cameras that are capable of imaging the planets, deep-sky objects, as well as much more. Read More

Although the company is branded QHYCCD with a reputation for scientific, observatory-grade CCD cameras, recent developments in CMOS sensors have seen more CMOS-based cameras. QHY tends have a robust build quality and professional features built in to their cameras.

This makes QHY one of the best astrophotography camera brands on the market. Their cameras are high quality and tend to benchmark well in all their testing. While they are not on the cheaper side compared to other cameras brands, they make up for this in quality. If you buy the right QHY Camera for your setup you can expect years of high quality data and use.

If you’re unsure of whether the camera you choose is right for your telescope, check the camera/telescope combination using our astrophotography calculator here. Or just give us a call and we will match the right QHY Camera for your telescope setup. You can’t go wrong with a QHY camera, really. And you can’t go wrong with Bintel!

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