ZWO Cameras are dedicated astronomical camera for your telescope! ZWO make amazing astronomy cameras for planetary imaging, deep sky imaging, and autoguiding. Read More

As ZWO’s biggest Australian dealer, Bintel carries a wide entire range of their cameras, accessories, mounts ,OTAs and smart telescopes.  ZWO stock changes constantly due to high demand, so check back if you’re after a particular model or contact us and we’ll make sure we obtain one for you. Whether you want a high-end cooled monochrome CCD camera or simple planetary camera – we have the right device for you.

Bintel is proud to stock products from the world’s leading planetary imaging suppliers.

Actual Customer Images Using Bintel-supplied ZWO Cameras

Trifid Trio by Martin Williams
Lagoon trifid wide field narrowband camera ZWO 1600mm

Saturn by Niall MacNeill (Celestron 14″ Edge HD + ZWO174mm)

Thor’s Helmet by Trevor Green
ZWO 071 Pro Camera
Sky Watcher Quatro 10
Skywatcher AZ-EQ6

Jupiter, May 16th 2018 by Andy Casely
Celestron C14, Celestron CGX-L mount, ZWO ASI290MM, Astronomik RGB filters, ZWO EFW Mini filter wheel, Meade 2x Barlow.

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