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Are you looking to buy terrestrial telescope, also known as a spotting scope? Whether you’re a professional shooter, hunter, photographer, or general nature enthusiast, look no further than Bintel. We’ve been supplying high quality optics to people all over Australia for 30 years, endeavoring to provide first-rate service and after-sales support second-to-none! We stock a wide variety of great straight through spotting scopes, and our entire range has been hand-picked by our expert staff to suit you. Whether you’re from Brisbane, Melbourne, or New Zealand, our Sydney store can sort out all your optics needs. With top brands like Swarovski, Nikon, Celestron and Kowa all on display, we can help you choose exactly which set of optics will do the job required at any budget. Featuring waterproof and rugged shock-proof designs, many spotting scopes will last through years and years of intensive outdoor use. If you’re confused by all the brand names and variety, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help! We recommend straight spotting scopes like those displayed here for specialised use in shooting or hunting, while birdwatchers and general users would benefit more from an angled spotting scope. Digiscoping can be achieved with either straight or angled designs, however is usually much easier with a straight scope.


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