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What’s the best telescope for a beginner?

Your first telescope is your gateway to observing outer space! Every space scientist, astronomer and astronaut remembers their first view of something magical through a telescope.

BINTEL’s experts have carefully select from our extensive range the telescopes for all ages to start their astro journey.

We can help you find the right telescope as a gift for young, keen space explorer or a more advanced model for those wanting to delve further into astronomy.

All of these telescopes will show you the craters on the Moon, the rings of Saturn and the giant planter Jupiter. There’s also star clusters to be seen, along with nebulae and even galaxies. If you’re unsure of which beginner’s telescope is right for you, simply call or message us.

BINTEL has been helping beginner’s with the telescopes for over 30 years and we can ship to every part of Australia and New Zealand.

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