Dobsonian Telescopes

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Here at Bintel, we love our Dobsonian telescopes and astronomers around the world have grabbed these wonderful scopes during the COVID-19 period causing supply shortages.

If you can embrace their size, a big ground-mounted reflector provides views of the universe like nothing else. They are simply the best telescopes for the price, with even a relatively low-budget 6 inch large enough to see galaxies, nebulae, and surface details on the planets.

Whether you’re an enthusiastic beginner, or simply looking for something to do with your kids in the evening, our custom-made high quality Bintel Dobsonians will blow you away. We also stock high quality Skywatcher telescopes, which are more portable, featuring collapsible designs and computerised mounts – a good setup for any beginner to get started with! Bintel has been supplying amateur astronomers in Australia for over 30 years – John Dobson himself even came into our shop to check out the Dobsonians once upon a time! Whether you’re from Brisbane, Melbourne, or Alice Springs, our Sydney store can sort out all your telescope needs.

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