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Looking to buy the best reflector telescopes in Australia? Look no further than Bintel, where we endeavor to provide high quality service and after-sales support second-to-none. Whether you’re after good reflector telescopes for beginners, the best reflectors for the price, or a high quality kids telescope for astronomy, our expert staff can help you out. We stock a wide range of great reflectors, and have been supplying amateur astronomers in Australia for over 30 years. When you want to buy a high quality reflector telescope in Australia, Bintel should always be your first port of call.

Mirror-based designs are made with easily-ground mirrors as opposed to expensive glass lenses. This means that a good reflector telescope cannot be out-competed optically for the same price. While it is worth keeping in mind that the image will be reversed in these telescopes (making them difficult to use terrestrially), if you’re on a budget but still want the biggest astronomical telescope possible, reflectors are for you. Some of the reflectors below are on computerised mounts, featuring full GoTo programming and WiFi capabilities, while others are very simple, and completely manual.

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