Annals of the Deep Sky Vol 5


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Annals of the Deep Sky Vol 5

Latest works from Jeff Kanipe and Dennis Webb

Especially Good for Southern Hemisphere Observers

Constellations of Centaurus, Cepheus and Cetus

Annals of the Deep Sky Vol 5 : A Survey of Galactic and Extragalactic Objects by Jeff Kanipe and Dennis Webb,

Volume 5 explores three very rich, and very different, constellations. Centaurus features a detailed overview of the Alpha Centauri system, descriptions of the Scorpius-Centaurus Association (the nearest OB affiliation to the Sun), and the stunning Omega Centauri globular cluster (NGC 5l39). Some time is also spent probing the many levels of the mysterious Centaurus A galaxy (NGC 5128), with its bizarre mixture of spiral and elliptical morphologies.

Cepheus may look dim to the unaided eye, but this constellation hosts some truly beautiful and beguiling objects. These include the star-forming region IC 1396 with its centerpiece, the Elephant Trunk Nebula (see cover image). We take a stroll down the Milky Way to visit several fine star clusters, some still associated with nebulosity, and other star-forming hotbeds.

Finally, Cetus leads us into a largely extragalactic realm where we find the nearby dwarf irregular IC l6l3, the edge-on spiral NGC 1055, and one of the brightest and nearest Seyfert 2 galaxies, M77. But the stars Mira and Tau Ceti are also on the itinerary, both of which have their stories to tell: one of a complex circumstellar environment, the other of possible extraterrestrial life.

We cannot visit these celestial marvels in our own hyperdrive spacecraft (yet), but Annals of the Deep Sky is the next best thing. Turn to page 1 and let it fly you across the universe.

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