Astronomik L-RGB Filtersets Type 2c

$399.00$899.00 AUD

These filter sets are especially designed for astrophotography with CCD cameras. These filters provide a natural color reproduction of planets, stars, emission- and reflection nebulas.

The transmission properties of the L-RGB Typ 2c filters are optimized for CCD astrophotography. The set allows to take images in correct colour for all types of objects. Where other brands make strange compromises, we do the best colour reproduction possible. Both stars as well as objects that emit only in spectral lines, are reproduced in their true colors. You get CCD images with perfect colors, as if the objects where bright enough to be seen with photopic vision. This feature is the main difference between Astronomik filters an those of other manufacturers.


  • 1,25″ (M28,5)
  • 2″ (M48)
  • T-thread cell (M42x0,75)
  • 31mm
  • 36mm
  • 50mm
  • 50x50mm, unmounted