Atik Infinity Colour

$1,699.00 AUD

Atik is a company dedicated to bringing astrophotography within reach of a wide audience – a job they have done extremely well over the last decade. Sensitive, cooled CCD cameras are now readily available but they still require a degree of skill, technique, patience and time to master.

Atik have addressed a key issue in making astrophotography accessible – not everybody wants to deal with little things that make astrophotography so demanding – polar alignment, tracking issues, autoguiding as well as many hours spend on image processing.

Enter the Atik Infinity Colour! From the outset this camera has been designed to be used by a beginner. It is sensitive enough to be able to display images of the brightest objects in just a few seconds. In addition brand new software has been developed working behind the scenes to do real time stacking.

The result of using the Atik Infinity is a picture of the object with detail and quality impossible to see at the eyepiece!

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