Atlas of the Southern Night Sky 5th Edition

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Fifth Edition

Over 100 Star Charts and hundreds of maps
Take a tour of the most fascinating celestial objects with accessible star charts and maps of planets. Each full colour chart presents realistic visual star brightness for most urban areas with keys to objects visible to most small to medium telescopes.

Hundreds of Images
Images taken by the author’s and other Southern Hemisphere astronomers show what can be achieved by amateurs with cost effective cameras and telescopes.

The Solar System
Maps to navigate the primary features of the Moon with a comprehensive table of lunar targets accessible to most telescopes. How to observer the Sun and the planets beyond.

Telescopes and Photographing the Stars
Packed with information on Telescopes, Binoculars and other accessories for getting the most out of a night under the southern stars. Plus information on astro-imaging and processing pictures on your computer.

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