Bintel BT200 f/5 Newtonian Telescope OTA


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    A quality 200mm Newtonian reflector for astrophotography. Parabolic, well corrected primary mirror produces amazing results for astrophotography. 1000mm f/5 shows less coma at the edge of field.



    Newtonian telescopes made by GSO for Bintel have earned an outstanding reputation for their high quality optics at an affordable price. The combination of superb optics and  the precise dual speed crayford focuser the Bintel BT200  f/5 OTA   Newtonioan telescope is highly recommended for astro photography and visual observing. For those demanding the best star images we also offer coma correctors for fast imaging newtonian telescopes.

    A quality 200mm Newtonian reflector for astrophotography.

    Parabolic, well corrected primary mirror produces amazing results for astrophotography. 1000mm f/5 shows less coma at the edge of field.
    Uses a 62mm seconary mirror for proper field illumination. Has a versatile 1000mm focal length. Wide, cast tube rings supplied include mounting points for guide scope on top.

    Primary Mirror Cooling Fan
    A primary mirror cooling fan is incorporated in the telescope’s mirror cell. It accelerates cool-down time to ambient temperature so you enjoy the sharpest images even early in the evening. While the primary mirror is cooling there are associated currents of warm air that degrade the image – regardless of the mirror substrate.

    Paraboloidal Primary Mirror
    At the heart of the Bintel BT200 f/5 is a very precisely figured parabolic primary mirror. The glass used is of BK-7 optical glass guaranteed free from internal stress. It’s thermal characteristics are generally better than float glass but without the price premium of exotic Pyrex or Quartz materials.  For easier collimation the mirrors are properly center marked.

    Standard features include:
    – Crayford focuser with 10:1 slow motion adapter for precise focusing includes 2″-1.25″ adapter
    – Mirror cooling fan
    – Large collimation knobs
    – 8×50 finder

    Weighs 9.5kg

    Includes Primary Mirror Donut ring for easy collimation

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