Bintel BT202-B 8 Inch Dobsonian Telescope


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    Bintel BT202-B 8 Inch Dobsonian Telescope

    The views through this 8″ Dobsonian telescope are sure to thrill anyone from the intrepid beginner to the seasoned stargazer. The Bintel BT202-B with its 203mm diameter primary mirror will show celestial targets down to a limiting magnitude of 14 making it the ideal choice for detailed views of faint nebulae, bright galaxies and star clusters. If you can use it under truly dark skies the views will be even more spectacular. Closer targets such as the Moon, Saturn and Jupiter will take your breath away.

    This high quality telescope (produced by Guan Sheng Optical) has a precision 8″ (203mm) primary mirror with outstanding 1/12th wave surface accuracy. Every optical surface is checked during manufacturing using laser interferometry to meet these exacting tolerances. Includes three GSO eyepieces (30mm Superview 2 Inch, 15mm Multicoated Plossl, 9mm Multicoated Plossl), 1.25″ ND96 moon filter to suit the 8 inch aperture, and an 8×50 Right Angle Correct Image Finderscope for easy object location.

    On top of this every Bintel Dobsonian is given a full checkup prior to sale. The Optical Tube Assembly is thoroughly checked and collimated (aligned) to ensure your new telescope will perform as you would expect when you take delivery. Don’t be fooled by similar-looking brands being marketed elsewhere for higher prices, as the 8 Inch Guan Sheng Optical designs truly are the best amateur dobsonians we can get out hands on, and come highly recommended by our staff of professional astronomers.

    Like any Dobsonian, the Bintel BT202-B provides more light grasp for your money than any other telescope type. We are often asked “what telescope is the best for an avid beginner?” Of course the answer depends on how you plan to use your telescope, but if we were to suggest just one telescope for starting your adventures in astronomy – this would be it!

    The BT202 8″ Dobsonian features an 8″ (200mm) diameter parabolic mirror with aluminium coatings providing ~93% reflectivity providing bright detailed images. The telescope’s f/6 optics and long 1200mm focal length will provide night after night of great observing performance. You can expect sensational views of celestial objects like the Moon and planets, plus with its considerable light grasp you can delve into more distant treats such as cloudy star forming nebulae, globular star clusters and galaxies far far away.

    Bintel’s Dobsonians feature quality components and accessories that will make your viewing experience both rewarding and enjoyable. These include:

    Precision figured primary and secondary mirrors

    Telescope optics have to be ground and polished to a very accurate shape to ensure the finest images. Bintel’s telescope mirrors are ground and polished to exacting tolerances and checked by laser interferometry to guarantee outstanding performance.

    The mirrors are made of BK7 “water white” optical crown glass that is free of internal stress and striae. The thermal stability of BK7 glass is generally better than other glass used for the mirrors of most reflectors in this price range. The optics are then coated with 93% reflectivity aluminium, and overcoated with a protective layer of silicon dioxide (quartz) for long life.

    If you’re curious how the optical quality of our telescopes compares to other “big” names  we say the others are nearly as good. With thousands of Bintel telescopes in use around Australia we are confident there is no telescope that even comes close when comparing performance and value.

    Knurled collimation knobs on the primary mirror cell making precise optical alignment much easier – no more fumbling with tools in the dark.

    A cooling fan mounted to the telescopes main mirror cell to achieve faster cool down of the optics. A telescope will produce its very  best performance when the optics have cooled to within 1°C or so of the ambient air temperature. To help this process our larger telescopes are fitted with 12V battery powered cooling fan helping the mirror come to equilibrium faster.

    The views will still be great even if the fan is not used…but if you are looking to coax the upper limits of resolution out of your telescope the fan should be run for a period of 30-60 minutes when setting up.

    A fully adjustable four-vane spider supporting the secondary mirror. The spider uses very thin steel vanes (only 0.75mm thick) maintaining excellent image quality and minimising unwanted diffraction effects.  Beware of budget Dobsonian telescopes that use thick posts to support the secondary mirror (or even thicker cast metal spiders) – they degrade images and are not even adjustable.

    Diffraction spike Eta Carina

    The image above was taken using a home built 8″ Newtonian Astrograph. The optics used are the same as those in every Bintel 8″ Dobsonian and show the beautiful star images expected from a Newtonian telescope. Note the almost text book perfect thin diffraction spikes around the brighter stars.

    BINTEL Dobsonians are equipped with a CNC machined 2″ Crayford focuser allowing extra smooth 10:1 fine focus control without backlash. The focuser comes with a 1.25″ adapter so both sizes of eyepieces can be used without the need for special  adapter tubes. Non-marring brass compression rings are standard and large “easy grip” locking screws are used so your precious oculars are held securely in place. The brake system with roller bearings makes the Dobsonian easier to balance and easier to use. First the side bearing can be moved back and forth allowing it to be positioned and set at the exact balance point of the telescope tube. Then the large smoothly-knurled black plastic knobs can be tensioned to the perfect level for easy, precise movement of the telescope. If heavy eyepieces are being used simply apply a little more tension. If you prefer light, fluid movement you can back the brake off.

    The included 8×50 finder scope is a premium right-angle model presenting a correct left/right and up/down oriented image for easy aiming of your 8″ Dobsonian telescope.

    Standard Bintel BT202 accessories in the box include:

    30mm Superview (2″) Fully Multi Coated Eyepiece – 68° Field Wide Field!
    15mm and 9mm (1.25″) Fully Multi Coated Plossl Eyepieces
    1.25″ Moon filter
    8×50 Right Angle Correct Image Finderscope
    Base carry handle
    Eyepiece rack for 2″ and 1.25″ eyepieces
    Snap-on dust cap and focuser dust plug.


    Bintel BT202 Instruction Manual

    Technical Data for the Bintel BT202-B 8″ Dobsonian

    Optical Design

    Newtonian Reflector (Parabolic mirror)


    200mm (8 inch)

    Focal Length


    Focal Ratio


    Highest Useful Magnification


    Limiting Stellar Magnitude


    Resolving Power

    0.58 arc sec


    8 x 50 Correct Image Right Angle Achromatic


    2″ Crayford 10:1 dual speed with 1.25″ adapter

    Supplied with

    SuperView 30mm (2″)  15mm Plossl (1.25″) and 9mm Plossl (1.25″)

    OTA Weight


    Base Weight



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