Bintel BT202-B 8 Inch Dobsonian Telescope

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The views through this 8″ Dobsonian telescope are sure to thrill anyone from the intrepid beginner to the seasoned stargazer. The Bintel BT202-B with its 203mm diameter primary mirror will show celestial targets down to a limiting magnitude of 14 making it the ideal choice for detailed views of faint nebulae, bright galaxies and star clusters. If you can use it under truly dark skies the views will be even more spectacular. Closer targets such as the Moon, Saturn and Jupiter will take your breath away.

This high quality telescope (produced by Guan Sheng Optical) has a precision 8″ (203mm) primary mirror with outstanding 1/12th wave surface accuracy. Every optical surface is checked during manufacturing using laser interferometry to meet these exacting tolerances. Includes three GSO eyepieces (30mm Superview 2 Inch, 15mm Multicoated Plossl, 9mm Multicoated Plossl), 1.25″ ND96 moon filter to suit the 8 inch aperture, and an 8×50 Right Angle Correct Image Finderscope for easy object location.

On top of this every Bintel Dobsonian is given a full checkup prior to sale. The Optical Tube Assembly is thoroughly checked and collimated (aligned) to ensure your new telescope will perform as you would expect when you take delivery. Don’t be fooled by similar-looking brands being marketed elsewhere for higher prices, as the 8 Inch Guan Sheng Optical designs truly are the best amateur dobsonians we can get out hands on, and come highly recommended by our staff of professional astronomers.

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