Bintel BT252-B 10 Inch Dobsonian Telescope

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Once you look through a big Dobsonian you will discover what thousands of amateurs before you have discovered – the Universe is a very big place…and a simple-to-use telescope like this is the ideal tool to get out and see it.


Keen observers appreciate that larger telescopes give better views of fainter and smaller objects. A 10″ telescope will let you go a full magnitude fainter than a 6″ telescope bringing about 10,000 deep-sky objects (mostly galaxies) within reach from dark skies.

Where a 6″ scope will show detail in only a few galaxies a 10″ will show details of spiral structure and dust lanes in many. So if you are ready for some serious views of the night sky without spending a fortune a 10″ Dobsonian is a great choice.

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