Bintel Crayford Focuser SCT 10:1 (2 Inch)

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Screws on to the back of popular SCT telescopes to provide ultra-fine focus adjustments minus the image shift inherent in the SCT scopes.

This is a great addition for those trying to achieve precise focus for imaging or even just for high powered planetary observing where fine focus gets you frustrated!!

Beautifully crafted with 4 precise roller bearings, tension adjustment screw and locking screw.

Both 2″ barrel and 1.25″ adapter have brass compression rings.

The drawtube has a convenient scale to show focus positions.

Note: Clearance with the drive base may be an issue when the telescope points toward the zenith (on fork mounts in alt az) or when pointed towards the celestial pole (on fork mounts in polar mode)

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