Bintel GSO RC12A Truss Ritchey Chretien Astrograph

$3,999.00 AUD

In stock!

Brand new 12″ f/8 Carbon Fibre Truss Ritchey Chretien astrograph from GSO.

Aperture: 12″

Focal length: 2438mm (f/8)

Weight: 23.7kg


The all new design features carbon fibre truss poles and CNC machined components providing exceptional rigidity and light weight.

Standard features include D-style mounting rail attached to the top and bottom of the lower part of the tube assembly.

3″ Linear Crayford focuser with 10:1 fine adjustment. Supplied with 2″ – 1.25″ adapter. Also includes 1x 50mm and 2x 25mm extension tubes allowing flexibility with backfocus requirements.

Ample backfocus of ~285mm allows use of large format CCD cameras, filterwheels, OAGs and rotators.

Available to backorder - Allow 2-3 weeks for backorder products. Large, specialist and premium orders may take longer however - contact BINTEL for details if unsure.