Bintel Secondary Mirror 28mm


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Size28mm, 31mm, 41mm, 50mm, 62.5mm, 70mm, 88mm, 68mm, 74mm, 80mm, 104mm

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The Bintel secondary mirrors are flat. Dead flat. Our manufacturer specifies a 1/12 λ RMS on the surface. All Bintel secondary mirrors mirrors have an enhanced aluminium reflective coating with a reflectivity of approximately 93%. In addition to the enhanced aluminium coating, the mirrors feature SiO2 protective coatings to extend the life of the aluminium coating. Please also check out our range of primary mirrors to pair with your secondary.

Bintel secondary mirrors are available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. Choose from the drop down list below.

A secondary mirror (or secondary) is the second deflecting or focusing mirror element in a reflecting telescope. Light gathered by the primary mirror is directed towards a focal point typically past the location of the secondary. Secondary mirrors in the form of an optically flat diagonal mirror are used to re-direct the light path in designs such as Newtonian reflectors.


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