Cambridge Guide To The Constellations

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– What figures do the constellations of the night sky represent?

– What are the properties of the stars that they comprise?

– And which constellations are ’new’, and which have become extinct?

This unique reference book gathers together more information on the constellations than any other single work to date. The constellations can be readily compared, and a general view of them developed, using the tables that make up the first part of the book. These tables provide a wealth of information, covering all the essential properties of the constellations.

In the second part of the book, each constellation is taken in turn, with a star chart and map illustrating the associated celestial figure and supported by a comprehensive list of essential properties. This highly illustrated volume provides the most complete reference to date, covering all factual aspects of the constellations for astronomers, both amateur and professional, educators and science writers.

The author: Michael Bakich is currently the Planetarium Director for Kansas City Museum. He is an experienced writer and regularly writes columns for newspapers and the astronomy magazine Sky and Telescope.

• The most comprehensive single reference on the constellations to date
• Highly illustrated with star charts and maps of the celestial figures
• A series of tables provide a wealth of information and allow easy reference and comparison for the constellations

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