Chandler Large Planisphere


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    Chandler Large Planisphere

    The Night Sky Planisphere by David S. Chandler

     Every sky watcher needs an easy-to-use planisphere to quickly tell which stars and constellations are above their horizon on any day and time of the year. A planisphere is the most highly recommended accessory when embarking on your journey of discovery under the night sky.

     The Large Chandler Planisphere is just over 200mm across providing a clear view of constellations and bright stars visible from your location. It also includes some of the most conspicuous clusters, nebulae and galaxies visible to the naked eye.

    Highly recommended for visitors or travellers from the Northern Hemisphere who need help getting their bearings under the southern skies.


    Chandler Large Planisphere

    The most popular versions of The Night Sky™ planisphere are the large and small plastic charts. These versions are made in the USA using durable plastic facing for the front and back and are secured with no-corrosion brass rivets. These planispheres are built to last; you will probably go through several telescope upgrades in your lifetime but will never need to upgrade your planisphere.

    How it Works:

    The Night Sky Planisphere is made up of 2 sections — an inner rotating dial (white) marked with the days and months of the year, and a fixed outer section (blue) marked with the hours of the day.
    The dial contains a sky map printed with dark stars on a light background for easy nighttime readability. To use the planisphere simply turn the dial to match the date with the time you are looking at the night sky. The planisphere will then show the stars, constellations, and prominent deep-sky objects that are currently above the horizon as well as the location of the Milky Way. It works for any hour, of any day, of any year!

    The Chandler Large Planisphere is unique because it uses a two-sided projection to reduce sky distortion — conventional planispheres severely distort the sky near the southern horizon.

    The Chandler Large Planisphere is made from a plastic laminate so it won’t get damp and wrinkly when used outside in the night air.


    • Unlike coffee-table planispheres, The Chandler Larger Planisphere is printed with dark stars on a light background, for easy nighttime readability.
    • The constellations are drawn simply, emphasizing the brighter stars which makes them easy to recognize and locate with the naked eye or entry level equipment.
    • Coordinate grid lines are shown without being intrusive. Coordinates are shown because they can be useful for cross referencing with star atlases.
    • A selection of deep sky objects for binocular viewing is included. It is important to point out to beginners that the best first telescope is a pair of binoculars. You may already have what it takes to start observing tonight!


    Suitable for use in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina & Chile.

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