Compact Australian Bird Guide


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    Compact Australian Bird Guide

    The essential quick identification guide, based on the award-winning The Australian Bird Guide.

    The Compact Australian Bird Guide is an easy-to-use and beautifully illustrated quick identification guide to all bird species regularly occurring in Australia. The content has been carefully designed to provide the reader with key information to enable rapid identification of a bird, in a convenient form.

    Based on the award-winning The Australian Bird Guide, this compact format features over 700 bird species that are residents of or regular visitors to the Australian mainland and Tasmania, and surrounding seas.

    The Compact Australian Bird Guide will appeal to both the beginner and experienced birdwatcher, and includes up-to-date species descriptions, distribution maps, illustrations and quick guide comparison pages for major groups. Ideal for your next holiday, field trip or simply to use in your own backyard.


    “The compact guide admirably fulfils its stated purpose of being a concise and portable field guide for experienced ornithologists and an aid for the newcomer to bird watching in Australia (including overseas visitors) in making rapid, accurate field identifications without being swamped by too much detail.”
    Alan Lill, Association of Field Ornithologists, 17 April 2023

    “This book is perfect for use in the field, for all levels of birdwatching skill, and its comprehensive content makes it perfect for resident and visiting birdwatchers alike.”
    Jonathan T. Coleman, International Journal of Avian Science, 2023

    “It fits easily into a day-pack and can be quickly deployed, even when one is handling binoculars, a notebook, camera and other birding paraphernalia. […] It is well-made well-bound and hard-wearing. It is clearly made for the tough Australian conditions”
    Canberra Bird Notes, December 2022

    “While the dazzling diversity of Australia’s birds is something to be celebrated, it can all be a little overwhelming for someone who is new to birds. The Compact Australian Bird Guide achieves the delicate balance of being comprehensive yet concise, accurate yet accessible. The straightforward layout, succinct text and beautiful illustrations allow for a greater appreciation and understanding of Australian birds. For the novice bird lover, The Compact Australian Bird Guide will unlock the mysteries of Australian bird identification and for the seasoned birder it will be like seeing the familiar with fresh eyes.”
    Sean Dooley, BirdLife Australia

    “This book succeeds splendidly as a compact aid to bird identification. Congratulations to all concerned and highly recommended as a valuable, proper and convenient, field identification guide”
    Clifford B. Frith, Peter S. Valentine, Australian Field Ornithology (39), 2022

    “This compact book is designed to provide beginners and experienced birdwatchers with a convenient, quick and beautifully illustrated identification guide to more than 700 bird species that are residents of or regular visitors to the Australian mainland and Tasmania, and surrounding seas.”
    The Gardens, Summer 2023

    “This user-friendly, beautifully illustrated book is a guide to all bird species commonly found in Australia. Featuring more than 700 bird species that are residents of, or regular visitors to, Australia’s mainland, Tasmania and its surrounding oceans, this is a useful quick reference guide for both beginners and experienced birdwatchers.”
    Gardening Australia, September 2022

    “I love big field guides. But I do not love lugging them around in the field, or on airplanes, or on long hikes. That’s why I’m absolutely delighted with the new Compact Australian Bird Guide.”
    Justine E. Hausheer, The Nature Conservancy (Blog: Cool Green Science), 3 October 2022

    “Whether you’re a dedicated birder, someone with passing interest who wants a straightforward reference, or you’re a beginner keen to build knowledge, The Compact Australian Bird Guide is a first-class asset.”
    R M Williams, Outback, November 2022

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