Eschenbach Mini-frames


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Eschenbach Mini-Frame Reading Glasses are lightweight and attractive, rimless glasses that provide near magnification for reading, working on a computer and other close work.  They are chrome-plated and the lenses are made with Transparent PSM with surface coating for scratch protection.  Mini-Frame reading glasses are available in a wide magnification range from +1.00 Diopters through +3.5 Diopters – including all half step increments.  Each Mini-Frame Reading Glass comes with a protective, black leatherette case.

At a priced-right cost, wearers will want to purchase several pairs to suit all occasions!  A protective leatherette case is included with each pair. Whether reading the newspaper or magazine articles, scanning the stock market figures, or proofing accounting tables, Rimless Readers will provide ideal magnification for all near activities.

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