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Brand: Kendrick
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Kendrick Premier Heaters

Brand: Kendrick


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Kendrick Premier Heaters

Kendrick Premier Heaters are the best dew prevention strips for cameras and camera lenses, telescope optics of all kinds, binoculars and temperature sensitive electronics. Kendrick Premier Heaters work best in combination with a Dew Controller allowing the heat output to be regulated. The entire range of Kendrick Premier Heaters run on 12 VDC power.

The Premier Heater line is Kendrick’s flagship brand and their highest quality heater. They are built of the highest possible quality materials and to Kendrick’s electrical specifications. These are not off-the-shelf heaters! The best quality Velcro, elastic and flex heaters available are used in the Kendrick Premier Heaters. The cables are cold flexible down to temperatures of -40 and the cable housing is custom made for Kendrick to their specifications. Compare the performance of the Premier heaters to competitors who usually use cable that gets stiff and brittle in cold environments.

The Premier heaters are built to use only as much power as necessary and not waste energy. Foam insulation on one side minimizes heat loss to the air and directs warmth to the optics where it is needed.

Attaching Heaters

The heaters wrap around your telescope closest to the dew prone optic and are held in place by flexible elastic/Velcro attachments.

Eyepiece Heaters
Customers regularly ask if eyepiece heaters are necessary. They are just as necessary as the heater for the main lens or mirror in your telescope. In cool environments, the warmth of your eye causes the eyepiece glass to fog.

Kendrick manufacture four sizes of eyepiece heaters:

  • #2003 – for eyepieces on finderscopes.
  • #2005 – for 1.25″ eyepieces and also those without a huge body. (Plossls, Vixen Lanthanum and similarly sized eyepieces).
  • #2006 – for larger bodied (but not massive) 1.25″ and 2″ eyepieces. (Baader Hyperion, Orion Stratus and similarly sized eyepieces).
  • #2006-L – for very large body 1.25″ and 2″ eyepieces that require just a bit more heat. (Televue’s Naglers, Ethos and Delos, Celestron’s Lumina eyepieces, Explore Scientific’s eyepieces).

The DEW-Minator Large Eyepiece Heater!

This heater has been designed specifically for the ever increasing line of large format eyepieces available to the amateur astronomer. Plenty of power available for those cold or really humid nights yet can still be adjusted (via a Kendrick dew heater controller) for very mild, low power operation if your conditions call for it.

Like all Kendrick heaters, it has a sewn in, heavy duty elastic strap to allow you to securely fit it to any of your large bodied eyepieces.

Heater Specifications

Below is a breakdown of the wattage and amperage of the Premier Heaters we carry. The second number in the dimensions is the heater length. Select heater strips with dimensions closest to the circumference of your optical tube or dew shield where the heater will be placed.

Item No. Heater Wattage Amperage Heater Dimensions
Heater Dimensions
2003 Telrad Heater 6 0.4 50 x 90 mm 2″ x 3.5″
2003-RDF Red Dot Finder Heater 2.5 0.2 Press fit Press fit
2005 1.25″ Eyepiece Heater 3 0.2 16 x 125 mm 1/2″ x 5″
2006 2″ Eyepiece Heater 4 0.3 16 x 175 mm 1/2″ x 7″
2006-L DEW-Minator Large Eyepiece Heater 10 0.8 75 x 205 mm 3″ x 8″
2007 3″ Optic Heater 10 0.8 25 x 280 mm 1″ x 11″
2008 4″ Optic Heater 11 0.9 25 x 370 mm 1″ x 14.5″
2009 5″ Optic Heater 15 1.2 25 x 460 mm 1″ x 18″
2010 6″ Optic Heater 17.5 1.4 25 x 560 mm 1″ x 22″
2011 7/8″ Optic Heater 20 1.6 25 x 660 mm 1″ x 26″
2012 9/10″ Optic Heater 25 2 25 x 890 mm 1″ x 35″
2013 11″ Optic Heater 28 2.3 25 x 965 mm 1″ x 38″
2014 12″ Optic Heater 33 2.6 25 x 1115 mm 1″ x 44″
2015 14/16″ Optic Heater 52 4.1 25 x 1270 mm 1″ x 50″

How much power will my heaters draw

You can calculate the total current drawn when using more than one heater strip. This is helpful in choosing a controller suitable for your system. Remember the controller must be able to handle the amperage requirements of your heaters, no matter what controller setting you use. For example, if you set your controller to operate at 30%, the heaters will draw their full amperage 30% of the time. The other 70% of the time they will be off.

Coping with Dew Fact Sheet

Kendrick Premier Heaters


Kendrick Premier Heaters are the best dew heaters available. The Premier Heater strips should be used in conjunction with Kendrick Dew Controllers to offer the best available dew prevention solution.

Available in a range of sizes to suit optics from 1.25″ through to 16″ diameter Cassegrain telescopes. The new DEW-Minator is designed to fit large-format eyepieces, such as the Tele Vue Ethos series.

NOTE: Heater sizes refer to the diameter of the optic a heater will fit. For example, a 7/8″ heater fits telescopes with a 7/8″ diameter optic but is actually 28″(71cm) long. Choose from the following sizes:

RDF Heater currently not available

Coping with Dew Fact Sheet







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