Nikon WX 100th Anniversary Edition

Brand: Nikon
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Nikon WX 100th Anniversary Edition

Brand: Nikon

Introducing Nikon WX 100th Anniversary Edition- more than a lesson in optical achievement, WX speaks volumes by catapulting its user to the frontier of incredible sharpness throughout a seemingly endless viewing periphery. Not only can this super-wide field of view transport an entire constellation of crystal-clear imagery to the eyes of the beholder, but it does so with the amazing realism that has been Nikon’s hallmark for 100 years.

Nikon WX 100th Anniversary Edition is truly the Binoculars of the Century.

For 100 years, our cutting-edge optical technology has shown the world that we have an unrelenting passion for craftsmanship. Introducing Nikon’s quintessential binocular, born to satisfy those who love to see further. This is the 100th anniversary edition of the WX IF. Its super-wide field of view was developed especially for stargazers, and lets you scan the sky and experience the feeling of total immersion amongst the stars.


Advanced level of sturdiness and operability

Magnesium alloy is utilised, realising a sturdy, lightweight body that facilitates handheld viewing.
Employing Abbe-Koenig prisms enables a slim design that carefully pays attention to weight balance.

Abbe-Koenig prisms

Abbe-Koenig prisms that feature total reflection on all surfaces and have a high transmission rate are employed, for a brighter field of view. Applying a phase-correction coating on roof (Dach) surfaces of Abbe-Koenig prisms, which compensates phase shifts of light when reflecting inside prisms, results in high-resolution and high-contrast images.

Eyepieces featuring unprecedented optical performance

Employing eyepieces with superior optical performance, a super-wide field of view (apparent field of view of 66.6˚ for WX 7×50 IF, 76.4˚ for WX 10×50 IF) is achieved.
Minimising astigmatism and coma aberration, a sharp and clear image is realised, while the sharpness of the image at the centre of the field is achieved all the way to the periphery of the super-wide field of view. Without perceiving the frame, you can experience a feeling as if you are spacewalking into a starry sky.

Long eye relief

Optical design that realises both a super-wide field of view and long eye relief. Eyeglass wearers can also enjoy a full, clear super-wide field of view.

Rubber eyecups are designed to be removed for cleaning eyepieces. Eyepiece frame is designed in a flat shape for easy maintenance of details.

Straight helicoid dioptre adjustment ring

The dioptre adjustment ring employs a straight helicoid design. Eyepieces move back and forth in a straight line, and the lenses themselves do not rotate, ensuring the optical axis is not decentred during dioptre adjustment.

Field Flattener Lens System

The Field Flattener Lens System is employed for compensating curvature of field from the centre to the very edge of the periphery. While realising a super-wide field of view, it assures a sharp and clear image across the entire field of view. The super-wide field of view allows you to take in a wide-sweeping view of star clusters or galaxies, while individual stars can be clearly seen as sharp points.

Three ED glass elements employed in each tube

Using three ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass elements in each tube, chromatic aberration that causes colour fringing is compensated at the very edge of the field of view, realising a contrast-rich and high-resolution image.


The limited edition 100th anniversary logo and the unique serial number is engraved on the binocular’s body.

Total worldwide production of the WX 7×50 IF and WX 10×50 IF will be limited to only 100 models.


WX 7×50 IF WX 10×50 IF
Magnification (×) 7 10
Objective diameter (mm) 50 50
Angular field of view (Real/degree) 10.7 9
Angular field of view (Apparent/degree)* 66.6 76.4
Field of view at 1,000m (m) 188 157
Field of view at 1,000 yd. (ft) 563 472
Exit pupil (mm) 7.1 5
Relative brightness 50.4 25
Eye relief (mm) 17.7 15.3
Close focusing distance (m/ft) 12.3/40.4 20.0/65.6
Length (mm/in.) 272/10.7 291/11.5
Width (mm/in.) 171/6.7 171/6.7
Depth (mm/in.) 80/3.1 80/3.1
Weight (g/oz) 2,420/85.4 2,505/88.4
Interpupillary distance adjustment (mm/in.) 58-78/2.3-3.1 58-78/2.3-3.1
Dioptre Adjustment (m-1) -10 -11
Type Roof (Abbe-Koenig) Roof (Abbe-Koenig)

* Apparent field of view is calculated based on the ISO 14132-1:2002 standard.

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BINTEL is proud to offer these limited special edition Binoculars to celebrate Nikons 100th anniversary.

Total worldwide production of the WX 7×50 IF and WX 10×50 IF will be limited to only 100 models.

Since its first endeavour in the world of optical products in 1917, Nikon’s affinity for binoculars innovation has delivered myriad sensational and extraordinary views to the eyes of the world. Now, with a full century of experience to draw upon, Nikon raises the bar for optics aficionados to a level thought unachievable.








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