Orion Edge-On Planetary Eyepieces (1.25 Inch)

$149.00 AUD

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Are you tired of high magnification standard eyepieces with tiny lenses which you can hardly look through? This is a common problem faced by many, as most telescopes include cheaper eyepieces in the box when they are first bought. It should be noted that, especially with telescopes larger the 4 inches (102mm) in diameter, getting a better eyepiece (such as the Orion Edge-On series) can improve your viewing abilities greatly – the scope is only half of the optics after all! To quote one of our staff: “it would be silly to buy a Ferrari, but only put Kmart tyres on it”

Featuring a comfortable fold-up rubber eyeguard and extremely high light transmission, one of these eyepieces is the ideal way to improve the functionality of your telescope. The larger exit pupil additionally makes the telescope much nicer to look through, simply because the light beam is larger, and easier to line up with your eye. An Orion 1.25″ eyepiece will fit into any standard 1.25″ telescope of any brand, and will work for everything in the night sky (not just planets, as the name might suggest!)