Skywatcher EQ8 Mount

$5,999.00 AUD

The EQ8 High Precision EQ mount is pier tripod – based. It comes with a SynScan hand hand controller,  2x10kg counterweights and a GPS, with a payload of 50kg. The patented Freedom Find (dual-encoder) technology allows the telescope to be moved manually whenever the user wishes – but with no need for re-alignment!

♦  50 kg Payload Capacity

♦  Super Smooth PE Curve


♦  Whisper Slew

♦  Small Backlash

♦  Auto-Home Function

♦  DSLR Interface

♦  Permanent Periodic Error Correction

♦  Precise polar-alignment with SynScan hand controller

♦  Adjustable Pier tripod (0.75m – 1.00m)

Sold Out due to popular demand