Skywatcher HEQ5 Pro GoTo Mount

$1,299.00 AUD

The HEQ5 is the ideal mount for small refractors or Newtonian reflectors up to about 8″ aperture. With in-built GoTo functionality, and a sturdy design, this mount will provide years of reliable operation.

A Skywatcher HEQ5 is essentially a smaller version of the larger EQ6 mount, which saves both your wallet, and your back! Many people find the weight of an EQ6 too much to handle, but an HEQ5 can function just as well when used in combination with an appropriately sized telescope.

For those interested in pursuing astrophotography, this mount in combination with a Skywatcher ED80 Refractor Telescope and a ZWO 1600MM-C camera provides the perfect entry-level solution, and can capture astounding images. Some examples can be viewed here and here, taken by one of our customers.

In stock (can be backordered)