Tele Vue 76 OTA Ivory (10:1)

Brand: Tele Vue
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Tele Vue 76 OTA Ivory (10:1)

Brand: Tele Vue
SKU: WXF-3064
$2,279.00 AUD

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The Tele Vue 76 OTA Ivory expansive 5.5° rich-field drizzles your view with delicate jewel-like stars, while the APO performance of the Nagler designed, fully multi-coated 2-element objective and 2″ Everbrite diagonal produce natural stellar and planetary color rendition even at the highest useful powers.

Small size and lighter weight permit use of lighter-duty tripods for easy field carrying and transportation. The padded shoulder bag provides protection and room for the scope and six eyepieces.

If your interests crossover from astronomical to spotting or birding, and you demand the ultimate in portable performance the Tele Vue-76 is always waiting to deliver.

Order a TV 76 with TVP-3066 Accessory Kit before 27 December and choose a FREE  Nagler Type 6 or Delite Eyepiece

Purchase Tele Vue TVP-3066 TV 76 Accessory Kit and save 20% of individual prices

New Accessory Kit from Tele Vue includes the following items

EDE-18.2   18.2mm Tele Vue DeLite eyepiece

RS3-8003  3″ Ring Mount

APB-1008  Telescope Balance Aid

DSF-8002  2″ 90° Tele Vue Everbrite – Satin

ASF-8125 2″ – 1.25″ Adapter – Satin Hi Hat


Tele Vue 76 Complete Ivory


Type      APO (Doublet) Refractor    (Elements/Groups: 2/1)
Objective (mm)      76
Focal Length (mm)      480
Focal Ratio (f/#)      6.3
Drawtube/Focuser      2-inch, Focusmate dual-speed rack/pinion
Length OTA (inch)      14.5
Length with diagonal (inch)      17.4  (with 2-inch diagonal)
Weight OTA/Std. Config (lbs)      5.1 / 7
Maximum Visual Field (deg.)      5.5° (with 2-inch 55mm Plössl)
Maximum Recommended Power (x)     200

TV-76 Soft Case Specifications

  • Custom fitted case fits TV-76.
  • Dual hand-carry straps with padded palm closure.
  • Adjustable shoulder strap with pad.
  • Dual zippers on lid.
  • Ring Mount, Digital Indicator, and Starbeam friendly.
  • Foam cutouts for Starbeam, 1 x 1¼” or 2″ eyepiece, and 3 x 1¼” eyepiece.
  • Approximate maximum exterior dimensions (excluding handles and strap): 20 x 9 x 6-inches (51 x 23 x 15-cm).
  • Approximate empty weight: 1.75-lb (0.8-kg).



From Birder’s World roundup of fifteen birding scopes (including Swarovski, Zeiss, Nikon, Kowa, Pentax, Leica and Questar) by Stephen Ingraham

“[Tele Vue-76] offers the sharpest view of any field scope I have ever used, effortlessly reaching powers and distances that are well beyond the capability of any conventional scope. When I am out in the field with it, I always gather a long line of people waiting to see what the bird really looks like.”

— Ingraham, S. “Sizing Up Scopes”. Birder’s World (Feb. 2004).


Excerpts from David Healy’s Astronomy review of September 2002

When used as a rich-field scope for deep-sky viewing, the TV 76 excels. With a long focus eyepiece in the 2-inch diagonal, the scope offers impressive views of “showpiece” objects that are too large in angular diameter to fit into the smaller fields of view of larger telescopes. Under a dark Arizona sky, the Andromeda Galaxy (M31) shows its full 3° extent, including its central dust lanes and two companion galaxies — M32 and NGC 205. Dozens of stars in the Pleiades cluster look like sparkling diamonds scattered on black velvet.

— Healy, D. “Have Scope Will Travel”. Astronomy (Sept. 2002). Full Review.


Birding review excerpt from Better View Desired / Reference Standard Tele Vue 76mm APO article

[T]he view through it puts all the standard scopes in the shade. It is as bright, as sharp, as detailed as we have come to expect from Tele Vue products. I have had it out in field on a regular basis over the past few months and in never fails to provide an impressive view of the bird.

— “Tele Vue 76 mm APO”. Better View Desired (March 2002). Full Review.




76mm, f/6.3, APO (Doublet) Refractor. From astronomical, to spotting, to birding, the Tele Vue-76 combines compact size with the APO optical performance of the Tele Vue-85.







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