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Tele Vue’s 4x Powermate T-Ring adapter fits on the 4x Powermate lens assembly to allow attachment of your camera’s T-Ring or other T-threaded imaging accessories. The result is a compact assembly producing pure amplification for your imaging requirements.

Tele Vue 4x Powermate T-Ring Adapter

TeleVue’s 4x Powermate T-Ring adapter allows you to unscrew the standard eyepiece fitting of your powermate. With the T-ring adapter installed you have a secure and much more compact connection between your camera and 4x Powermate. It also guarantees perfect camera sensor alignment, a very important consideration when imaging with such high amplification.


4x Powermate T-Ring adapter assembly


Imaging the Solar System with Powermates™

Some of the finest Solar System images have been made with Powermates™. Used singly or stacked, Powermates™ help any scope achieve the long focal-length required to image details on Solar System bodies. The increased image scale allows for imaging without an intervening eyepiece. Powermate T-Ring Adapters fit on the Powermate lens assemblies to allow attachment of your camera’s T-Ring or other T-threaded imaging accessory.

Powermate Magnification Chart for Imagers

Powermate Power Increse

The above chart indicates the magnification for each Powermate™ as a function of distance from the Powermate™ top surface to the imaging surface. Using the 4x Powermate T-Ring adapter will produce a magnification factor right on the nominated 4x amplification intended.

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