ZWO AM5 Harmonic Drive Mount


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Built with the astro-imager in mind, the NEW very portable ZWO AM5 mount can securely hold your imaging rig up to 13kg without counterweights.

ZWO AM5 Harmonic Drive Mount

Built with the astro-imager in mind the NEW very portable ZWO AM5 mount can securely hold your imaging rig up to 13kg without counterweights or up to 20 kg with optional counterweights whilst weighing only 5kg.

Traditional equatorial mounts require heavy counterweights, which can be difficult to keep balance in RA and DEC when pointing direction is changed.

Jointly developed by ZWO working with other well known manufacturers the incorporated Harmonic Drive speed reducer and Synchronous belt system the ZWO AM5 offers more precision control and a reduction of 300:1 of your imaging rig with 0.5-0.8 guiding accuracy and very low periodic error, smooth gearing and high torque, eliminating the need for heavy counterweights used in traditional GEMs.

AstronomyDedicated Harmonic Drive Speed Reducer

The PE Curve of each mount has been measured:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          ZWO measures each mount and equip it with the exclusive PE curve before it leaves our
. The Xaxis represent drive angle. Yaxis represents periodic errors. The periodic error is stably controlled within±20 arcseconds.

When it comes to controlling the AM5 mount, astrophotographers can use the included hand controller or use the WiFi connection and wirelessly control the mount from a smartphone or tablet. Included is a rocker style hand controller. The size of the controller makes it easy to hold and use while the rocker style design allows the mount to be pushed in multiple directions. For the wireless control function, users can utilize the integrated WiFi network and use Tonight’s Target, GoTo, Live Preview, and others to pair with the ZWO AM5 mount.

 The ZWO AM5 mount can be controlled using the included rocker style hand controller or using the WiFi connection and use Tonight’s Stargets , GoTo,  LIve Preview and pairing it to the mount.

The Mount can be set up and used in either  Equatorial or Alt-azimuth mode which can be changed using the hand controller or through the app on a smartphone or tablet. The indicator lights on the body of the mount  indicate whether the mount is being used in equatorial or altazimuth mode.  A red light will indicated the mount is in EQ mode whilst a green light indicates the mount is in altazimuth mode.  Eq mode is best used for imaging and altazimuth mode is great for quick visual observing.

Mount Weight, Large Load Capacity.

While the portability is very important, we don’t blindly pursue a lightweight mount body at the expense of mount stability .

Capacity: 13kg 20kg

Capacity without any counterweight attached is 13kg .
Capacity with the counterweight attached is 20kg

Features:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Portable, stable, convenient
load capacity                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
Without counterweight: 13kg
With counterweight: 20kg

Equatorial mount, Altazimuth mount, Laser polar alignment
Hand controller + APP for control
WiFi connection, Live star database
Precision control
Harmonic drive speed reducer + synchronous belt
Lightweight design
No counterweight required

What’s in the box
AM5 mount body (Standard)
Dovetail (Standard)
Rocker Hand controller (Standard)
Hand controller cable (Standard)
Heightening part (Optional)
Carbon fiber tripod (Optional)

Recommended Accessories

ZWO Pier Extension

ZWO-Counterweight Bar for AM5




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